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Recent Deliveries

  • Apalachin Fire District
  • Lisbon Fire District
  • 01-Northumberland-PA-20-walk-around-R363-RFV
    Northumberland Hook & Ladder Co. Inc.
  • 03-Walden-NY-Light-Duty-R360
    Walden Fire District
  • 01-Marlborough-CT-20-Walk-Around-R361-RFV
    Marlborough Volunteer Fire Department
  • 03-Old-Town-ME-20-Crew-Walk-In-Rescue-R359-LFV
    Old Town Fire Rescue
  • 03-Flagtown-NJ-R357-Walk-In-LFV-x1
    Flagtown Fire Department BOFC Twp. of Hillsborough
  • 03-Stoddard-NH-146-Crew-Walk-in-Rescue-R358-LFV
    Stoddard Fire Department
  • 03-Briarcliff-NY-Walk-Around-Rescue-R355-LFV
    Briarcliff Manor Fire Department
  • 03-Oswego-NY-20-walk-around-rescue-LFV-x
    City of Oswego Fire Dept.
  • 03-Hagaman-NY-R356-LFV
    Hagaman Vol. Fire Department
  • 03-Water-Witch-CT-R354-WA-LFV-x
    Water Witch Hose Company #2
  • 01-Hopelawn-NJ-R348-WA-RFV-x
    Hopelawn BOFC District 8
  • 03-Plainsboro-NJ-R350-Lt-Duty-LFV-x
    Plainsboro Fire District No 1
  • 03-Great-River-NY-R352-Lt-Duty-Rescue-LFV-x
    Great River Fire District
  • 04-Springs-NY-Lt-Duty-R344-LFV-x
    Springs Fire District
  • 03-Providence-RI-R346-Walk-In-LFV-x
    City of Providence
  • 02-Snyder-NY-R342-Walk-In-Right-side-x
    Snyder Fire District
  • 00-Hauppauge-R345-LFV-w-graphics-x
    Hauppauge Fire District
  • 01-Tom-River-NJ-R347-WA-RFV-x
    Toms River Fire District No2
  • 03-Otisfield-ME-R349-Lt-Duty-LFV-x.jpg
    Otisfield Fire Rescue
  • 01-Rahway-NJ-Lt-Duty-Rescue-R328-RFV
    City of Rahway Fire Department
  • 01-Montgomery-MD-R333-WA-RFV
    Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service
  • 03-Lilesville-NC-R317-20-ft-WA-LFV-x
    Lilesville Volunteer Fire Department
  • 03-Union-RI-R343-Walk-In-LFV-x
    Union Fire District
  • 01A-Avon-CT-R337-WA-RFV
    Avon Volunteer Fire Department
  • 03-Green-Springs-R341-LFV-x
    Green Spring Volunteer Fire Department
  • 01-Lake-Harmony-PA-R334-Walk-In-Crew-RFV-x
    Lake Harmony Volunteer Fire Co.
  • 01-Reisterstown-MD-R340-W-A-RFV1
    Reisterstown Vol. Fire Company
  • 03-Twin-District-NY-R339-Walk-In-LFV-x
    Twin District Volunteer Fire Company
  • 03-Albany-NY-R324-20-ft-WA-LFV-x
    City of Albany
  • 03-University-Hosp-NJ-WA-R338-LFV-x
    University Hospital
  • Mechanicstown-NY-R331-Tandem-Axle-Walk-In-Rescue-RFV-featured
    Mechanicstown Fire District
  • 01-Stony-Point-Walk-In-Rescue-R335-RFV-x1
    Stony Point Fire District
  • Union Hose PA R330 WA Right Front View
    Union Hose Co. of Annville, Inc.
  • 04-NJNG-R329-Walk-In-Command-RRV-w-awning-open-x
    New Jersey Natural Gas
  • 01-Middlesex-Walk-In-Rescue-R325-Right-side
    Middlesex County Prosecutors Office
  • 01-Syracuse-Walk-In-Tandem-axle-R322-RFV
    City of Syracuse Fire Dept
  • 000-NJSP-Twins-R323-R326-LFV-x
    New Jersey State Police
  • 00-Gouverneur-w-tools-light-tower-x
    Gouverneur Fire Company
  • 04-Midway-Walk-Around-Rescue_Water-Pump-RRV-x-1000-x-754
    Midway Volunteer Fire Co.
  • 04-incoln-Park-Walk-Around-Rescue-R319-RRV-x
    Lincoln Park Fire Dept
  • 03-New-Haven-FD-Walk-In-Rescue-LFVx
    New Haven Fire Dept
  • 03-Montville-NJ-R318LFV-x1
    Montville Fire District No. 1
  • 01-Hendrickson-Light-Duty-Rescue-Right-Front-view1
    Northwell Health
  • 01_Thiells-walk-around-Rescue-R312-RFV-x-601x449
    Thiells Fire District
  • 01-ATT-mobile-command-rescue-RFV-601x449
    AT&T Global Fleet Operations
  • 01-Right-front-view1
    Fort Lee Rescue
  • 01-ATT-rt-frt1
  • 01-Right-front-view-x1
    Southwestern Adams Volunteer EMS
  • 1-Right-front-view11
    Agawam Fire Department
  • 01-Gtysbg-rt-frt1s
    Gettysburg Fire Department
  • 01-SH-rt-frt1a
    Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue
  • 01-COH-rt-frtx1s
    Village of Croton-On-Hudson
  • 01-Hermitage-rt-frt1a
    Hermitage Volunteer Fire Department
  • 01-UHosp-rt-frt1a
    University Hospital
  • 01-NBrnfrd-rt-frt1-1
    North Branford Fire Department
  • 01-Boonton-rt-frt1a
    Boonton Fire Department
  • 01-SoOB-rt-frt3
    Old Bridge Fire District
  • 01-Wstfld-RT-FRT3
    Westfield Fire District
  • 01-Nassau-rt-frt3
    Nassau County Fire Marshal-HAZMAT
  • 01-Halesite-rt-frt2
    Halesite (NY) Fire Department
  • 01-Totowa-rt-frtx2
    Totowa Fire Department
  • 01-Evnsvl-rt-frtx3
    Evansville Fire Department
  • 01-Right-front-view-111
    Fair Lawn Rescue
  • 01-EFree-rt-frt3
    East Freehold Fire Company
  • 01-Secaucus-rt-frt2
    Secaucus Fire Department
  • 01-Newport-rt-frt2
    City of Newport Fire Department
  • 01-mntla-rt-frt2
    Minotola Volunteer Fire Company
  • 01-nbrnfrd-rt-frt1
    North Branford Fire Department
  • 01-bergen-rt-frt1
    Bergen County Police S.W.A.T.
  • 01-emrchs-rt-frt1
    East Moriches Fire Department
  • 01-jerseycty-rt-frt1
    Jersey City Fire Department
  • 01-morsvl-rt-frt1
    Town of Morrisville
  • 01-middlesex-rt-frt1
    Middlesex County Hazmat
  • 01-moncty-rt-frt1
    Monmouth County Sheriff Office of Emergency Management
  • 01-amelia-rt-frt1
    Amelia County Fire Department
  • 01-nhacksk-rt-frtx1
    New Hackensack Fire District
  • 01-wolcott-rt-frtx1
    Wolcott Fire Department Company #3
  • 01-rdgwd-rt-frt1
    Ridgewood Emergency Service
  • 01-forks-rt-frt1
    Forks Fire Department
  • 01-howell-rt-frt1
    Howell Township Fire District #3
  • 01-brick-rt-frt1
    Brick Township Police Emergency Medical Services
  • 01-prgeo-rt-frt1
    Prince George's County Fire Marshal
  • 01-bccrs-rt-frt1
    Bethesda Chevy Chase Rescue Squad
  • 01-hrbrtvl-rt-frt1
    Herbertsville Fire Company
  • 01-canton-rt-frtx1
    Canton Fire & Rescue
  • 01-risp-ext-rt-frtx1
    Rhode Island State Police
  • 01-bern-rightx1
    Bernville Fire Company #1
  • 01-hicks-ext-rt-frtx1
    Hicksville Fire District
  • 01-bright-ext-rt-frt1
    Brighton Fire District #5
  • 01-Midlsx-ext-rt-frt1
    Middlesex County Fire Marshal
  • 01-Liberty-ext-rt-frt1
    Liberty Fire Company
  • 01-union-ext-rt-frtx1
    Union County Police Bomb Squad
  • 01-ftlee-ext-rt-frt1
    Fort Lee Police Department
  • 01-walden-ext-rt-frt1
    Walden Fire District
  • 01-ogallala-ext-rt-frt1
    City of Ogallala
  • New Jersey Department of Health
  • 01-ac-ext-rt-frt1
    Atlantic City Fire Department
  • 01-mdlhope-ext-rt-frt1
    Middle Hope Fire District
  • 01-frmghm-ext-rt-frt1
    Framingham Fire Department
  • 01-jerseyc-ext-rt-frt1
    Jersey City Fire Department
  • 01-wyckoff-ext-rt-frt1
    Wyckoff Fire Department
  • 01-njmc-ext-rt-frt1
    State of New Jersey Mass Care
  • 01-nvernon-ext-rt-frt1
    New Vernon Volunteer Fire Department
  • 01-wessex-ext-rt-frt1
    West Essex First Aid Squad
  • 01-mdlsx-rt-frt1
    Middlesex County Public Health
  • 01-wtrenton-ext-rt-frt1
    West Trenton Fire Department
  • 01-Ajax-Walk-Around-Rescue-RFV-x1-1
    Town of Ajax
  • 03-Ludwigs-Corner-Walk-Around-Rescue-LFV-x1-1-1
    Ludwigs Corner Fire Company
  • 03-Getzville-walkaround-Rescue-Left-front-view-x11-1
    Getzville Fire District
  • 01-cntrvl-rt-frt
    Centerville Volunteer Fire & Rescue
  • 01-lebanon-rt-frtx
    Lebanon Fire Department
  • 01-ncvnty-rt-frt
    North Coventry Fire Department
  • 01-bristol-rt-frt
    Bristol Fire Department
  • 01-Nelson-rt-frt
    Nelson Fire Department
  • 01-Wilkins-rt-frt
    Wilkins Volunteer Fire Department
  • 01-Mrtlke-rt-frt
    Mortlake Fire Company
  • 01-Gntvl-rt-frt
    Guntersville Fire Department
  • 01-Vestal-rt-frtx
    Vestal Fire Department
  • 01-MonCty-rt-frt
    Monmouth County Sheriff
  • 01-Brick-rt-frta
    Brick Township Fire District 1
  • 01-Meredith-rt-frt
    Meredith Fire Department
  • 01-Hampden-rt-frt
    Hampden Township Fire/Rescue
  • 01-UpSaucon-rt-frt
    Upper Saucon Volunteer Fire Department
  • 01-Wheaton-rt-frt
    Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad
  • 01-Neptune-rt-frt
    Neptune Township Office of Emergency Management
  • 00-Weldon-graphicsx.jpg
    Weldon Fire Company
  • 01-PerryHW-rt-frt
    Perry Hi-Way Hose Company
  • 01-Right-front-view-28
    Bruce Power
  • 01-Right-front-view-copy
    Topton Volunteer Fire Company
  • 01-Front-right-view-1
    Washington Fire Hose Co2
  • 01-Right-front-view-27
    Gouldsboro Volunteer Fire Company
  • 01-Right-front-view-26
    Orchard Park Fire District

At Rescue 1, we’re unique in many ways,

from delivering lasting value to understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Recent Deliveries
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At Rescue 1,
we’re unique in many ways

from delivering lasting value to understanding your needs and exceeding your expectations.

Recent Deliveries
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